WD TV Live Gen3 could not connect to Windows 7 network all firmware after 1.10.13


I have WD TV Live Gen3 and does not have issue reading any contents by version 1.10.13, but both version “1.11.14” and “1.12.14” could not find media source usually after turn back from sleep. restart will solve this issue. also there is no issue when i press power to sleep and press it again after some minutes. When I press power at night and turn-it on on morning usually I have this issue. (It look something have after WD going to long sleep)

I need to rollback to 1.10.13 again, it make my baby and wife so mad.

I have

Windows 7 (64 bit),

WD Live hub connected via 1GB wired etherent network.

NTFS file system

Please let me know if you need more information


Hi, just in case have you tried to setup a static IP address for the WDTV? Also from the router side, try doing a power cycle.

Hi, Thank you for response

I already setup static IP, I have not such issue with 1.10.13, but have this issue for “1.11.14” & “1.12.14” yet.

here is my configuration

WD-Live ip:

WD-Live gateway ip:

Windows 7 64x ip:

Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is on

gateway ip:

I updated to 1.12.14 and it no longer sees my Win 7 x64 shares. Anyone else having this issue? It use to work fine before the firmware upgrade and it still see’s the Windows XP share.