WD TV Live Freezes When It Tries To Show A Corrupt Movie File

I tried to view a movie using WD TV Live.  I didn’t know the avi file was corrupt.  It caused the WD TV Live device to freeze and the only way for me to get it working again was to unplug the device and then plug the power plug back into the device.

Surely, there has to be an easier way to return to the menu without having to unplug the device.  Could there be something done to the firmware so that the WD TV Live device doesn’t feeze up when it encounters a corrupt video file.  In addition to this, it should also be done for corrupt audio files as well.

Probably not, because it is the hardware that is locking up not the firmware. These devices are not like computers, much of the decoding is done in hardware. If you feed the hardware bad data or instructions then it will lock up, just like a PC.

HINT. Create your own media files and then you know what you have.