Wd tv live - folder view issue

I have searched for an answer and havent found it.

Here is the issue.

I have a drive attached.  All my movie folders are on this drive in individual folders. a to z.  in folder view of the wd tv live

everything is listed fine.

When i go into video access and access the drive things go goofy.  I have it set to view folders and a-z.  

this works fine but it displays the vob movie folders first then shows the avi/mp4 etc next. 

so it goes a-z vob

                   a-z avi/mp4 

I want it to show gallery view and by folders only,   not by the type of video inside the folder.

Any ideas?

No way to prevent that. Folders will always show before files.

But everything in my movie folder is in a folder.


300 is a mkv

alex cross is a avi

bad grandpa is a vob

hit and run is a vob

i am number 4 is a avi

man of steel is a vob

all in seperate folders

when the video portion lists them in a style, small cover, large cover, list or list with detail info 

it shows them as follows

bad grandpa

hit and run

man of steel


alex cross

i am number 4

but if you go into file view then it is correct.

Or is there a way to show the folder.jpg in the file view?

Sounds like the Filter & Sort Settings are not set right ?

Press  remote_control_color_key_a.png

Filter = Folders    

Sorting =  Alphabetical  =  ^

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