WD TV Live - File Sharing query

Hi There

I am thinking about purchasing a WD TV Live unit, but have one query before I purchase.

I want to be able to transfer files from one hard drive (connected to my laptop) to another (which will be connect to my WD TV Live). Which according to all the information is completely possible. HOWEVER, I want to know if I will be able to view the contents of the hard drive (connect to my WD Live) wirelessly on my laptop in windows explorer, and simply drag files across from one hard drive and drop them in to another (working both ways).

I currently have 2 identical hard drives and use a software called freefilesync to map certain contents on both harddrives (so if I add a file to 1 hard drive, it knows to add to the other). I wish to continue using this software, but it will only work if I can access the contents of the hard drive (connected to the WD TV) as if it were simply just an alternative drive on the nework.

P.S I have my reasons for having 2 hard drives with the same content, and although not wishing to sound ungrateful I DO NOT WANT any suggestions or reasons as to why I shoudn’t have 2 hard drives, etc … I just need to know if what I’m asking will or won’t work 

Thanks to anyone who can help me :slight_smile:

Megan Xx

Yes, all of that is possible.   Just don’t be surprised by the relatively slow filesharing performance of 100 megabits per second…

Thanks for that

Do you know of any other similar devices that have a faster speed. Basically I need a media player that I can connect an external hard drive to that will allow me to transfer files to and from via my lap top over the wireless network?