WD TV Live doesnt find all my files

Just like the title says, I have AVI files and ever since the latest WDTV Live update it wont find ANY newly added files.  The last 8 videos ive loaded to my MBWE 1TB NAS just dont show up in the list on TV Live menu.

The funny thing is, they ALSO dont show up on my XBOX 360 either!!  I can watch them on my laptop streamed from the MBWE but cannot figure out what the deal is with my other playback devices.

THoughts, advice, help??

1st try turn off power.  With the power off unplug the unit for about 20 seconds and then plug back in.  2nd try using the Restore to Default under the settings tab.  You will have to reset your personal settings.  3rd If the doesn,t work try with the UNIT ON   using a paper clip or something like it poke it on the side in the little black hole near the usb port. Hold in for 10-12 seconds and the unit will reset itself.   Just be aware you will have to reset all yuour settings if you press the button.  Usually the first method works for me.