WD TV Live - Content Source Not Found while streaming a movie

I have a WD TV Live with v2.01.86.

I connect to a Mezzmo Media Server v4.0.5 which is running on a Windows 7 PC that is wired to the network.

I have tried both wired and wireless.

The router is a Netgear R6200.

After 10-20 minutes of streaming a movie, the movie stops and the WD TV Live presents “Content Source Not Found”.

When I stream this same movie from the same media server through my wireless-ly-connected SONY Bravia TV - no problem at all.

Can anyone offer any advice to stream the whole movie without interruption?


Do you have this issue if playing from another media server?

I don’t have another media server but…the issue was resolved with a new build of Mezzmo.

Thank you for stepping in.