WD TV Live connected with wired giga network (Cables & Routers) with Network attached storage

Hello Members is it possible to store all the media content in the Network Attached Storage such as WD ShareSpace or Seagates BlackArmor.Cos i am planning to set these things. So is there any scope of video lagging or will take time to buffer heavy media files such as MKV, DVD VOB files, music and photo. As my entire media collection will be stored. In WD ShareSpace can we assign user and can have access to that particular folder only for multiple users.???

Will really appreciate for giving feedback

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Using an NAS with the LIve is not only possible, it’s a good idea (although I’m not famliar with the two you mention).  I have a D-Link NAS attached to my router and it works fine – given the limitations of the Live.

Even wired the Live has bandwidth and buffer limitations that prevent it from being able to stream uncompressed HD material at times.  It depends upon the material, but as long as you encode your stuff (reducing it from the raw M2TS blu-ray, for example) you shouldn’t have any problems.  I use Handbrake with the High Profile preset and even my 17GB blu-ray rips (Avatar, for example) play just fine on any of the three Live units I have around the house (even at the same time).  And of course regular DVDs and smaller source material will play without issues.

really appreciate brother for providing me the info…but my wiring of rg6 is around 50 meters.will it bother the quality 

RG6 is how you are doing what?  Running a network you’d use twisted pair (CAT) which won’t affect data transfer up to around 100 meters for CAT5 (I think CAT6 is 500 meters but don’t quote me).  RG6 is what you would use for cable (either a modem or to a television, for example).

If you’re asking about sending the output of the Live through RG6 it can’t be done, AFAIK (or at least without some sort of  conversion box).  The Live only outputs composite (through RCA), Component and HDMI.

(And I *hope* you’re not literally my brother – while it’s technically possible, it would be one of those fantastic coincidences that would make me rethink my world paradigm :>)

Now ya’ll have gotten my propeller spinning!

You CAN run Ethernet on RG6, but it requires the use of a passive “Balun.” (Balancer / Unbalancer)  It only works in Half Duplex, and has its own limitations that are based on the balun manufacturer specs.

100 Meg Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u) is good to 100m on Cat5 or higher cable; the better cable is an expensive luxury and doesn’t improve on the distance SPECIFIED, but often does in PRACTICE.   :slight_smile:  Your mileage may vary.

Another option for running ethernet on Coax is via “MoCA.”   Verizon FiOS makes heavy use of MOCA; their own routers and DVRs work via MOCA in the household, and the router provides MOCA to ETHERNET bridging services.   MOCA speeds far exceed typical ethernet hookups (except for gig.)

was confusesd between cat6 and rg6…i have laid cat 6 wire…  

how much time does it take to access the wd from nas through network?..

in the case of usb it gets accessed immediately. 

USB is a touch quicker on STARTUP.   But once the network has been negotiated and the NAS and its shares discovered (about 20 seconds after boot) it’s all pretty much the same.

It does take a minute or two to first establish a connection to your net shares on the NAS.  Usually I just boot up the system and wait 30 seconds, then I go to net shares once and back out again (one button press) and then I can get on to the shares directly.  Total time isn’t more than 90 seconds, though.

After that it’s a *tiny* bit more sluggish than a locally attached drive – I can perceive the difference but my wife couldn’t, for example.  And playing files (at least wired) is exactly the same as a local drive (which is to say anything a local drive can play a NAS drive can as well).

The only real disadvantage to using net shares (as opposed to a local USB drive) is the duplicate thumbnails – that’s still a PITA with no solution in sight.  But I’ve learned to accept what I cannot change (sort of :>)

but my nas will be on throughout…will it still take 90 seconds to search the nas…

in the nas i am planning to install 4 hard drivies of 1tb i.e. 4 tb…the content displayed will be clubbed together or will display hard disk wise…

It will still take time for the Live to discover the NAS, no matter how long the NAS has been on. 

But the 90 seconds or so is total time for the Live to come on and boot as well – so it’s not terrible (and, to be honest, I’ve never actually timed it so I’m just guessing.  But my guesses in this regard are pretty accurate).  You could leave your Live on all the time as well if you’d like – there’s not much power consumption – and if you leave it hooked to the net shares on the NAS the only time you’ll experience is the time for the NAS drives to spin up (assuming you’re using power friendly drives in it).

If you configure your NAS so the discs are seen as one array (RAID 0 or JBOD) then you will indeed have just one share.  Be aware that such a configuration is not a backup solution (and with either of those configurations you run the risk of loosing all your data if one drive goes bad, although with JBOD there is a *slight* chance of recovering data that does not span discs).  Obviously if you run another RAID configuration you can have your data backed up (but you will halve your storage).  In any case you need to always back up your data somehow.

in my nas i will install 4 hard drives of 1 tb i.e. total 4 tb.

in  my first drive there will be music

2nd drive there will be movies

3rd drive photos

4th drive again music but only i should be able to access no other person should able to access…by punching the password i should be only to access rest no one…is it possible  

Yes.  That’s possible.  

It really not necessary to put all those on separate DRIVES, but you can join all those drives together in a RAID array (to get 3-4 TB of total drive space) and put those in separate FOLDERS, and change the permissions on the folders to however you like.

according to u which is best nas maintaining all the feature…

and do u run the torrent feature on QNAP TS-410 is it successful download compare to pc download using uTorrent…

No, I don’t use torrents.  In fact, I block torrents on my ISP router because my kids “discovered” all the “Free Movies” out there.

I LOVE my TS-410.  It hasn’t caused me a MOMENT of heartburn.   

The *only* issue I had was that I use cheap WD “Green” drives.   Those drives aren’t really good under Linux-based RAID NAS because the “Green Power” features are contraindicated.  These drives will start to increase the “Load Cycle Count” because they try to go into power saving mode about every 5 minutes, and the NAS keeps waking them up.

High LCCs are often cited as a cause of premature drive failure.   Mine climbed to about 7000 within DAYS.   300,000 is the tested maximum on these drives, so that means they’d be out of spec within MONTHS.   It’s a controversial subject, but I pulled the drives, plugged them into my PC, and turned OFF the GP features, and my LCCs pretty much stopped.  

thanks for the info…i madeup my mind going for QNAP’s TS-410…which hdd should i go for…as u are facing problem and u are aware which hdd should i go for…