WD TV Live can't view movies stored on WD My Book World Edition

up until about a week ago I was able to view any and all movies stored on my book world edition, now I can just stream movies from my laptop (win7) to the WD TV Live.  the WD TV live can find the movie folders and can read the movie titles but can’t view, when a movie selected the screen is black and the blue segmented circle rotates, that’s it.  these movies were watchable prveiously but not any more.  anything I can check on either the world book or WD TV settings? 

loonatic999, I understand that the movies were successfully played from the same location in the past, but what has changed recently? Have you updated your WD TV Live HD Media Player, WD My Book World Edition or perhaps even your router? What have you tried so far? Are the same videos able to be played if they are streamed from your computer or accessed from a USB External Hard Disk Drive?

More information will allow more Users to better help you.

sorry for the delay in the reply,  I can watch movies streamed from from my windows 7 laptop, wirelessly to my Dlink dir-655 router then wired to WDTV Live, from a external usb hard drive (generic case with WD 1TB HD) plugged into the WDTV Live usb port, my other 2 wired computers as well.  My Book World is at the latest firmware (1.02.06) for the past year.  issue started when WD TV live was at firmware 1.05.04, my daughter was watching her movies and she said “it just stoppped”, she turned it off and when she turned it on the WD TV live “wanted” to update to firmware 1.06.15, she did that and it still won’t view the movies from the my book world edition.  I can still view from laptop, desktops, and usb drive.  I’m in the process of moving all my data to the usb drive and  reset the MBWE to out of the box factory settings to see if  this helps remedy the situation. i’ll keep you posted if this works. 

loonatic999, was a factory reset able to resolve this inconvenience as you had expected?


Yes, copied all files to a usb drive, factory reset, copied files back , and all is well, movies stream from NAS to WBWE