WD TV Live can ONLY see 'User Public Videos'

EDIT: Windows 7 64-bit

I have my WD TV Live connected to my router and I can only access files located in  C:\Users\Public\Videos\Sample Videos and not in any of my other shared directories. In fact the only reason it can see this dir at all is because I ticked ’ Turn on public folder sharing’ under the Advanced settings tab in Network and Sharing Center which was advised against in all the guides I have been hopelessly following.

To confirm I can place any file in this location and it will play just fine, however I would like to share my main movie and music folders located on other hard drives.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

~ Dan

You need to set your share folders to be shared to the user “EVERYONE.”

Yes I did that, they are in fact identical to the shared the public folder.

Well, no they’re not, or they’d work.  :)

Open up a CMD window and, in that window, issue the command:

C:\Users\Tony>net view [your computer name or ip address]

It should look like this:

C:\Users\Tony>net view neptune
Shared resources at neptune
Share name Type Used as Comment
EPSON WorkForce 1100 Series Print EPSON WorkForce 1100 Series
iP4600 Print Canon Inkjet iP4600 series
iTunes Disk
Movies 1 Disk
My Photos Disk
Users Disk
The command completed successfully.

 except it should show YOUR shares.

Post the output of that command like I did.

Yes you’re right, I should say they look the same.

C:\Users\Dan>net view
System error 6118 has occurred.

The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available

… :neutral_face:

Don’t forget to put the server name or IP on the command, like my example (which I just editted because the PASTE didn’t include the command.)

C:\Users\Dan>net view e7200
Shared resources at e7200

Share name Type Used as Comment

Movies Disk
Music Disk
Users Disk
The command completed successfully.

So I installed tversity which works with small under 100mb files only… web content works perfectly?

So in your previous problem, I made an assumption which might not have been correct.

When you connect to your PC from the WDTV are you using the “NETWORK SHARES” menu or “MEDIA SERVERS” menu?

Clicking Network Shares does nothing, media servers shows my computer name E7200 which on load displays public shares only.