WD TV Live and UPNP/Streaming of TV from DVB-S server

Hi all,

I’m playing around with my new WD TV Live and the Recording Services of DVBViewer. The Recording Services provide an UPNP Server and and DVBServer that streams live TV as MPEGTS. It’s working really fine with my PS3. It is also working with the WD device but not as good as with the PS3. Has anyone already tested it and maybe solved the following issues. And if not is there any hope the issues could be solved somehow?

The first one is about the stream starting to play. On the PS3 it is quite nice. I choose the channel and the stream begins one or two seconds later. On the WD TV Live I choose the channel and it takes between 20 seconds and 1 minute until I can see the stream. That’s quite long. First I thought it is just buffering the stream but  when the stream starts the stream is only 3 or 4 seconds later as the stream of my sat tuner.

The second issue regards the audio tracks. Some channels have more audio tracks. If I change the audio track stuttering begins. Additionally AC3 seems to be decoded instead of passed through to my AV receiver. Can this be changed?


Under Settings Audio/Video you have to choose Audio Output Digital.

Then AC3 won’t be decoded.

BTW for WD/ It would be cool to enable this in the option button while watching some movie, as having to go back to this option is painfull…

Can you also post your question in the Dvbviewer forum, maybe someone with the same config can test as well, it loos a very nice idea at least!


Of course I have activated digital output. Passthrough does not work. The box decodes the audio stream.