WD TV live and stuff stored on dvdr

It plays everything I thrown at the player.

Just wish would usb simple thing like add a usb dvd drive - mkv,avi etc on I burned to dvdr`s

The non official mod works, sort of

Is this an anti burned to dvdr the avis / mkvs thing?

If on HDD, fine, just a lot of my stuff is burned 2 dvdr.

My 1st ever bought standalone can play x264, and everything else :slight_smile:

Was gonna return it, but there is a hope…   It does play stuff stored on dvdr…  hacked firmware.

Your post sounds more like an Idea or a Feature Request. The best place for this is in our Ideas Lab. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it. However, I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

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