WD TV Live and some weridness with AppleTalk?

I have a windows 2003 Active Directory domain at home. Of course, I do not NEED such an environment, as I have a grand total of 4 usernames, but I work in IT and I like to have that type of environment at home with which to experiment and try out new things.

Anyhow, at first my wd tv live wasn’t seeing ANYTHING on my network. Nothing. Just this one share called SUNSHINEKILLER (The netbios name of my domain). No other PCs would show up at all, no matter WHAT I tried.

Then something dawned on me. On my domain controller, I had been running file and print services for macintosh. Appletalk.

Appletalk? Yes. This was a holdover from way way back when I was mucking around with a MacOS 9 machine.

I uninstalled those services, rebooted the server, and BOOM. Network comes back!

I was stunned.

I keep all my media on an OpenSolaris box that runs a raidz pool. This is shared via smb. I logged into the solaris server, and everything seems to work great, and I can play almost everything I have, so I will have minimal re-encoding to do. I am considering just running one of those cool transcoding medis servers to share out .flv videos, and other junk that won’t play on the WD natively.

Why didn’t I just use media sharing in Windows 7? Good question. My media isn’t on my PC-- it’s on my server. I am able to symlink UNC paths to work for my media library on the pc, and it works for the xbox 360, but the WD won’t do it. The files show up, but nothing plays, thus my need to connect directly to the server using smb/cifs.