WD TV Live and Optoma projector via HDMI...picture all messed up

Hey All,

Just looking for some help and I am hoping someone can. I am running my unit through a brand new Optoma HD200X 1080P projector and for some reason the HDMI will not play nice. I have tried re connecting, turning both units on and off just about everything and nothing seems to work. The picture is full of lines and all digitzed, like its not  connecting properly. I know there are some handshake issues with HDMI but this is crazy, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention that I have tried all the different resolutions as well.

no help from anyone?

I’ve never had a problem using an Epson HD projector with a 35 foot HDMI cable hooked up to an HDMI switcher that also boost the signal ( from monoprice.com) . You may have a problem with signal strength depending on cable length. Have you tried a different cable ? Make sure that the connection is also solid. It sounds silly but try reversing the cable ends for making connections.

I have no problem either and am using an Epson 76c via Component, throwing to a 106" screen over 25 foot cables.