WD TV Live and LaCie Network Space Max (4TB) via Network

Has anyone attempted using the WD TV Live with the LaCie Network Space Max 4TB NAS?

I currently have a WD 2TB external hdd connected to my PC via USB.  The WD TV Live is accessing my PC wirelessly via the D-Link Nano.  This configuration seems to work ok but am occassionally having audio sync issues, whereas when I plug the hdd directly into the WDTV box there are never any sync issues.  The WDTV is plugged into the TV via HDMI.

I’m needing to upgrade to a 4TB drive and am planning on purchasing the above 4TB LaCie NAS.  I’ll again be connecting the WD TV Live to the network wirelessly via the D-Link Nano with the LaCie attached to my router via ethernet.

Am I correct to assume that accessing a drive that is directly connected to the network, as opposed to accessing a my PC and then the attached hdd via USB, should help minimise these sync issues?

Anyone know of any pitfalls to look out for?  Or anyone have any experience using the WD TV Live with this LaCie drive via a network?