WD TV Live and Enclosure connected to PC

Hi, I have a 16TB enclosure connected to my computer. My WD TV Live is connected to network via internet. I have been streaming with no issues for over a year now on 4 different WD streamers. Today after a computer reboot I all of a sudden lost 2 of the four drives in the enclosure on 2 of the WD streamers. All drives show up on the other 2 streamers. No changes have been made in sharing.

I attempted to reset the WD to factory settings and reconnect to the network and the drives are still missing. Does anyone have any idea for a fix for this issue?

Do they all use the same firmware revision?

Yes they do.

I figured this out… Thanks for trying.

share your “solution” so anyone reading this with the same problem has an answer on how to fix it

I just changed my system passwords and everything reconnected.