WD TV Live and Dolby Digital Plus


That is one huge misprint then. I interpreted the note as WDTV can decode DD+ 2.0 (there’s a . after that statement), but 2+ can only be sent via pass through. Nevertheless, I have tried DD+ 2.0 and 5.1 in Stereo or pass through mode and neither of those produce sound on my TV.
The screen from audio settings I posted in my previous post is also a hint that it may not be a misprint.

I did try that and it didn’t work. Also tried resetting to default settings and a bunch of other workarounds I could think of, but none of them were successful either. The only thing I didn’t try is firmware downgrade. Could it be DD+ support was broken (or removed) in one of the updates?

TV specs state it fully supports DD+. If I plug in a file with DD+ audio directly into the TV’s USB port on a flash drive it has sound. WDTV HDMI pass though produces sound on TV for every format listed in that table, but DD+. Could it be my TV despite all that doesn’t support DD+ pass through?


Just putting this here in case someone else stumbles upon this thread in the distant future. :wink:

It was not said here but the WD TV Live SMP supports DD+. I have two and my DD+ receiver correctly identifies the 6 channel bitstream via HDMI.

I realize you guys are talking about the WD TV Live (terrible naming system by the way WD) but many people have been confused (your truly) by this naming system in the past.