WD TV Live 2 Can't Find BD ISO On Network

I just purchased the new (2011) WD TV Live (Streaming version) from Best Buy. The main reason I purchased it was due to the recent reviews that said it plays Blu-ray ISO"s (but without menus). But, I just hooked mine up and it won’t even find any of the BD ISO files on my network drive. It finds the m2ts files fine (and plays them), but why won’t it even find the BD ISO files on the same network drive? Is there a setting somewhere in the WD TV LIve options I"m missing? I sure hope I don’t have to create all new MKV or m2ts files since that will take forever. Thanks.

Are you accessing your Network Drive via NETWORK SHARES or MEDIA SERVER?   If the latter, it won’t work.

I’m having another odd problem with this WD TV Live2 connecting to my Iomega Home Media NAS Server. I can connect using the Media Server option, but when attempting to connect as Network Shares, I keep getting a prompt for a user ID and password and it never will connect. My home media NAS server does not require any logon, so why does WD TV Live require a user ID and password for network share connections but not media server connections? Note: This was working fine for a while and all of a sudden it is requiring a user ID and pwd. Also, until this WD TV Live unit supports Blu-ray ISO’s under the media server option, I am forced to use the Network share option.

#1>  It will ALWAYS ask for a UserID and password.   That’s the way SAMBA works.  If you’re allowing GUEST access on your NAS, then just use the default of “anonymous” and an empty password.

#2>  ISO’s have *NEVER* streamed via Media Server, not in any version, nor will they ever.  The DLNA protocol doesn’t allow for it.