WD TV Life HD needs reset to contact NAS


I have a litte but angry problem with the WD TV Life HD mediaplayer (Type WDBAAP…NBK… with v1.02.21) and the Buffalo Terastation Live in my network. I start the WD and try to access my media files on the NAS (cable network, TCP/IP, no passwords), the NAS is shown. But after selecting the NAS, the WD stops to work (a round “sandglass” starts to work => Stop, no chance to make anything). After hardware reset (power supply) the WD works well and the access to my media files is OK.

Does anyone has an idea what I can do to get access to the NAS on first access?

Kind regards


Are you connecting to the NAS via network shares or media server.

Hello, I connect via network shares. On the NAS there is a installed Twonky server installed, but only for my mp3-files. Do you have an idea? Thanks.

First of all, you need to wait a bit when the Live first boots up – don’t try your NAS for at least a minute or two after you get the Video screen.  Secondly, I find it always helps to first select net shares and then back out of it and come back to it again – while it never hangs up on me like yours does, this does help me to connect if I have computers other than my NAS running and need to see them.  You might at least give this a try.

As Mike says sometimes it better not to be too hasty when entering the share. Try going to ‘network shares’ and then move on to your NAS share icon and stay there for about 5 secs before pressing enter.


and thanks for your answers, I tried your solution: After jumping on the icon of my nas I wait (first test with approx. 10s, this morning second test with approx. 1min.), but the effect is the same. **bleep**. I take a look on the settings of my NAS, all power modes like sleep mode after inactive time are disabled, so I think the NAS is online 24 hours. Do you have other ideas? Could the required waiting time depending on the data size? I have approx. 3 TB in hundreds of folders (but only 5 folders in root).


Yeah, but did you try MY solution (which is to wait but also to back out to video, then come back in to Net shares.  I find coming back in is what is needed.

And is your NAS the only other thing (other than the Live) that’s on on your network at the time?  If there are other machines on, then there are other things you need to do.

Hello Mike,

I tested it but I forgot to write it. I went to the NAS button, wait approx. 5s, then back to Video. After again approx. 5s I went back to NAS button, wait again and the I pressed the button - without success and freezed menu. Any idea? Or could it be possible that the software update to the current software cause this angry behaviour?

To your second question: No, sometimes there are up to 3 PCs and the audio player Netgear MP101 also members of my network. But I tested my problem with all and with none further devices. I get access to all shared folders on every PC after starting the WD, only the access to the NAS is the problem.

Another detail: The access to the media server Twonky (installed on NAS) works after first power on, only the access to the shared folders on the NAS is the problem.


Okay, the more you write the more convinced I am that it’s your NAS that’s the issue.

First try upgrading the firmware on your NAS (there may very well be later firmware).  Second, see if you can find any setting on it that relates to the master browser issue (it’s too early in the morning here for my brain to be quite awake, but it seems to me there may be a way of setting your NAS so it always has this priority.  Just search through the menus and see if there is anything that sounds like that).

I understand your saying about the firmware in the Live and it may very well have exposed the issue, but unless you want to rollback to the older version (and never use any newer version, which may have features you want)  you need to get this issue resolved.