WD TV How Can USB external Hub be Id'ed so more then 2HDD be used?

I purchased this unit to play my movie collection from HDD.  I have three 3tb HDD.  the unit I purchased has two USB ports.  I purchased a 7 port USB 2 hub hoping to be able to plug the third drive into the port and also be able to expand my collection with other HDDs.  I plugged in the hub however the unit would not recognize it and would not display the two hard disks I had connected.

Is there any work around or can the firm ware be updated to recognize a USB Hub? 

Does WD have a solution for this problem?

Thanks for you help

Al Wireman

I’ve not had a problem using a five-port USB hub with up to five drives on it.   Been a while since I tested it, though…

Thanks Tony for the quick response.  When I connect 2 HDD the menu show two drives #1, #2.  Whin I have 1 HDD and the Hub with 2HDD connected, the menu show #! HDD and nothing else.

The Hub I have has a power cord, and USB connection.  Is it possible that the 7 port is too large?  Did you do anything differnent, settings in setup on anything other than plugging it in.

Thanks very much for your help

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Al Wireman

Nope… just plugged it in and it works.  But of course, there’s no guarantees that ALL hubs will work the same…

Thanks Very Much.  I will try a different Hub.  My hub was a USB2 I don’t know if that makes any difference.

Thanks Again

Al Wireman