Wd tv gen 1 pal

I have a Gen 1 Wdtv HD WDAVP00BE (PAL)

It seems that during the last ‘go back to factory settings’ I used the upgrade for the NTSC system

Can anyone provide me the latest firmware (1.03.01 I think)  for PAL please ( I repeat WDAVP00BE (PAL) NOT the NTSC that is supported by wd.)

Thanks in advance 

The firmware is the same for both.

All units support both PAL and NTSC; it’s just a matter of what is DEFAULT.

Thanks for the reply.

I know so, and had no previous problems with the configuration

Now ,when I try to alter the video system at  ’ system audio/video>ntsc/pal ’ it says so, but I can’t choose video system other than ntsc


Try this:    There’s a litlte RESET button on the back of the unit near one of the USB ports.

With the power ON and booted up, use a paperclip to press that reset button for longer than 10 seconds.

That switches the mode from NTSC to PAL and vice versa.