WD TV firmware updates like whack-a-mole

I ordinarily like firmware updates if they give added functionality but I’m getting the impression that WD firmare updates are like a long game of whack a mole. Since updating I’m now having problems with playback of my videos. If I try to skip to a desired time or FF a file, the unit becomes unresponsive. The video plays and even if I manage to get to a menu, the audio is still playing and I have to endure the spinning orange arrow. This happens on all file types (non-pirated!), on files on local storage, or streamed from a WD MyBook Live. REALLY frustrating!

So after further investigation, it would appear that it’s NOT a firmware issue. It seems to be an issue with the streaming from my MyBookLive. Not sure what to though because I’ve reset the router and run a test on the MBL and there are no issues reported. The only thing that has changed recently is a firmware update of the MBL. Also, I switched from Twonky to WD’s own media server. That necessitated me moving all the files from the Public folder to a personal folder so that my PS3 could find the files. That took virtually a day to transfer 500 gb! Wish I’d stuck with Twonky.

Moving a file from one dir to another is usually instantaneous cause the files are not actually moved but only the new dir entries are written.

After hours of ‘trial and error’ investigations, I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s an issue with the .ts files recorded from Freeview…and sometimes the m2ts files recorded on Sony’s Playstation 3 Play TV (Freeview). Functionality regarding the FF function, or ‘skip to’ is inconsistent. And if I try to ‘skip to a desired time’ with one of the affected files it really messes the WDTV up (technical language eh? :smiley:). I can return to menus but the file is obviously playing in the background as the audio is playing; also the spinning arrows are present. The ONLY way to solve it is to power off the WDTV completely.

I can’t imagine trying to view .ts files… aren’t they huge?

When I want to watch one of my legally purchased DVD’s and view it from my WD Live I always make an .M4V file or .MP4 using something like Handbrake. 

The WD handles them flawlessly… as it does DIVX AVI’s as well.