WD TV + Files transferred from Mac Os not recognized

Hi, I have a WD TV and its great. But i’ve been having problems with certain folders,  I have a WD Passport 320gb drive which is connected to the WD TV.

The WD Passport is NTFS formatted, on my Macbook I have a program called “Paragon NTFS for mac” which allows me to write to files on a NTFS formatted disk. Now anytime I transfer a Folder containing movies to the WD passport, i get an error “unable to play selected format”

So i always have to connect the WD passport to a windows computer, transfer the folder back to windows and then transfer it again to the WD passport for the WD TV to play the file.

Can anyone help with this error? Is this common, i suspect the 3rd party sofware Paragon NTFS might be adding some bits / tags to the folder so it cannot be played correctly…

Any help would be appreciated…


This problem seems to have been fixed in the latest version of the “Paragon NTFS for MAC” program.

The version number isn’t changed even though they have made repairs to the program.

See: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=254491

Paragon NTFS for MAC v7.03 can be downloaded here: