WD to go on Iphone - Activation Code?

I have a My Book World Edition 1TB Storage device and would like to be able to access some of the music, files, etc on my iphone. But I can’t seem to find the activation code. I’ve tried to follow the ‘guide me’ on the app itself but I seem to have a different set up than the one they talk you through.

Does anyone know where I can find an activation code within the My Book Discovery site or even if i can use this app?

The photo one works fine.


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WD 2go App will only work with the My Book Live product.


thanks. That’s a real pain as the photo app works fine.

I can not get my my book live activation code for iPhone - where do I find it?

Where do I find the activation code for my iphone - I use my book live?

Thanks :smiley:

I am having the same problem, I bought a 2TB my book live and can’t get an activation code for my ipad / android phone. Somewhere I read that the software (I assume its the My Book Live setup) needs to be V2.0 or higher. The software version I have is version and can’t seem to find an upgrade. If it helps I am using a Macbook Pro but I have the capability of running OSX or windows (My Book Live Setup is running in OSX)

Hi, can’t find the activation code to pair iPhone and iPad. Please advise…

If you have a My Book Live, you need to update the firmware to version 2.x - once updated you will lose access to Mionet and gain access to WD 2go. The code can be found on the remote access (I think thats what its called) tab under settings.