WD - the next generation after HUB

The latest WD Media Center was the Live Hub. This had a built-in 1 TB hard drive, and retailed at $200. Previous models did not have the built-in hard drive, and retailed at $100.

The only reasons I didn’t get the Live Hub was it’s $200 price tag (which was due to the built-in hard drive).  They should have released 2 editions of the Live Hub; one with the internal hard drive ($200) and one without ($100).  I liked the style of the unit and the interface, and would prefer it over my TV Live Plus. 

I hope that the next generation after the Hub will be available WITHOUT the built-in hard drive, and cost (as usual) only $100.  Of course I hope for other features as well, such as support for XBMC, but mainly I hope that future models will be available for $100 again.

Does anyone know if this will be the case?

This sounds like a good Idea, why you don’t post this in the Idea forum? 

Honestly, i think 200 bucks is pretty decent on the price scale considering that if it didn’t come with an internal drive, you’ll still have to go out and spend 100 bucks on an external (unless you already haev a NAS setup or a very small media collection that you just want to stream from up PC, but in that case the HUB really wasn’t for you in the first place

Most other NMT have HD built in so I can’t see that as an option unless a “low budget” version of a future design is made. More likely to see a move to SSD from HD as the prices drop.

Of course a built in BD drive would be nice.