WD SYNC - WDMYClous is missing

My WD Sync software keeps saying WDMyCloud is missing and not syncing files from my laptop anymore. However on my desktop. It does not say that it says. WDMyCloud is up to date and syncs? I have the same log in account for both PC’s on WD My sync. This has never happened before and I can not fix it. I have uninstalled WD my Sync and reinstalled in the past.


Please check your firewall settings to see if something is blocking the laptop connection. Also check if you have all the services properly set on the unit.

I spent a month trying to get WDSync to work.
Missing files in a sync, Saying it’s complete when it’s not.
Trying to sync files across the cloud and multiple computers unreliable.
After hours on the phone, lots of e-mails, support logging in and working on my machine…
They finally told me they had no clue as to why some files wouldn’t sync.

Finally deleted WDSync and am using a product name GoodSync.
It can run as a backup, and real time sync. Reports probems with files or conflicts (with WDSync had no clue
that things weren’t working until discovered by accident>