WD Sync takes all RAM. WD Cloud EX2

Hi, few weeks back I installed and started using WD_Sync_1.1.5731.17046 . Few days back my PC became extremely slow, almost unresponsive - I checked the processes and noticed that WD Sync took about 10 GB of RAM - it took all available RAM. Yesterday I updated the app to the WDSync_1.2.5793.19891 version, but it didn’t help.

If I don’t find solution for fixing it, I will uninstall it, I don’t have other options.

Few points which may be related to the problem:

  1. The issue started when I switched to the new Internet Provider. With the old provider equipment I had 100Mb network speed, but with the new both WD Cloud and my PC are now on 1GB (the new switch supports 1GB speed).

  2. I had to update the network card driver on my PC [7.50.1123.2011 Realtek PCIe GBE].

  3. I set 2 folders to sync in the settings on WD Sync, one of these folders had about 13 subfolders of big size - 3-5GB, not sure if this somehow was related to the cause, but I removed the sync for this folder, unfortunately it didn’t fix the issue.

You may have better luck either in the dedicated WD Software subforum or the dedicated EX2 subforum. This subforum is primarily for the single drive My Cloud units.