WD Sync startup on boot

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently installed WD Sync and have two cloud drives on my network, one of which is being used as an alternative to Dropbox.

Anyway, I want the sync software to start on boot, but no matter what I do I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve put shortcuts into the startup folder, but sync doesn’t start up.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve the same process that Dropbox does?

Operating system Windows 10 Pro.



On Win10, go into Services, Select the Start Up tab and ensure WD App Manager Launcher is set to Enabled.
NOTE: I have mine set to Disabled because I’m Beta Testing WD Discovery :slight_smile:

Hey SBrown

Mine is enabled, but I still can’t get WD Sync to run on bootup I have to click the software to run it.

There could be a Windows OS issue