WD Sync software

I am having an issue with the WD Sync software not performing reliably.  I use the WD encryption software and then use 3 different external hard drives to do the backups.  This way I can bring one with me when I am traveling and have access to all the files from my server.  I then copy the changes back to the server that I made while on the road.  I use 3 so I keep one locked in my office, and one offsite, and one always with my laptop.

I have been having issues with WD Sync not seeming to finish the backup on any of the 3 drives.  I went and bought a new drive, and did the initial backup to the drive.  I updated the WD Sync to the latest version.  Now, a few days later I plug my new drive in and it just sits at copying and does not show when it’s successful.

My initial quesitons are pretty simple, is there a logs file that I can view to see when a backup is successful?  I don’t always have my external drives plugged in, but I do have the Backup settings on Continious, would that be correct?  I typically plug a drive in, unlock it, and then hit Enable backup and wait for it to finish.  If there was a seperate logs file, it would help to diagnose why the backups don’t seem to be finishing.

Lastly, this is using USB 2.0, would it be recommended to install a USB 3.0 card in for faster backups?  This seems like an easy yes.

Welcome to the WD Community,

I haven’t use that application for a long time. Honestly, I not sure if there’s any logs on it.

I don’t have the app at the moment since WD discontinued the support for that application.

As a recommendation, check on the applications support site to see if they have any information about the logs.

So, was WD Sync replaced by something else?  What really seems to be happening is that the backup is actually finishing, but the message doesn’t always change from Copying Files to say Backup Complete.  I did a brand new backup with this software to a formatted drive.  After I checked on it after about 6 hours, it showed 165GB in a folder as being backed up.  I checked 3 hours later and it was still at the same amount, but still says Copying Files… in the Backup tab.  If I click back to the Main screen and back and forth it may say Backup complete for a second, and then switch back.  But nothing is being backed up.  

I’m not familiar with the WD Sync software but WD Smartware software creates a log file in the folder C:/Program Data/Western Digital/Logs . WD Sync maybe does the same.