WD Sync Software Can't Find Server

Been researching for answers on how to get WDSync installed and I finally did something that might help others out; the newest post I found on here was in 2015 and no one had ever achieved their goals.

The problem started when:

  1. downloaded WDSync software version April 2016 and never could get it to work, “Can’t Find Server”.

  2. Checked for a newer version on the download site and found one for May 2018 and downloaded it.

  3. uninstalled old WDSync software and reinstalled the new version of WDSync.

  4. The WDSync software operated more smoothly and even got to one more step but it would never let me add MYCLOUD Device.

  5. I thought, what if I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode? So using this program to uninstall WDSync in advanced mode I deleted all of the Registry Entries and Deleted all of the Files that were installed.

  6. Rebooted my computer to allow the registry to see everything was gone.

  7. Installed the new version of WDSync, May 2018 and then rebooted again for the registry to read all of the registry instructions.

8.Finally the software walked right on through without a hitch.

  1. I found the one missing link in setting up WDSync was, it kept asking to sign in to the MyCloud server with using the email address. That signs you into the My Cloud online part of MY Cloud but not the network part which is the user name which is a name ie… “Admin” and (not an email address).

Summary: Apparently the newer versions of Windows 10 doesn’t like the older versions of WDSync software and a new version will do the trick if you install it first. Secondly, once the old version of WDSync registery entries are installed, one must remove the old entries either by using a Utility software like Revo Uninstaller or by manually deleting all of the old
entries using the RegEdit command entered into the Windows 10 Search Box in the lower left corner.

If you don’t have Revo Uninstaller, you can Google the instructions on how to manually remove the registery entries.

@raemo64 Good info. People can also check the Knowledge Base for information about the installation of WD Sync.