WD Sync sharing - BUG

OK, so I installed WD Sync on my Mac and added some folders to sync to MyCloud. As we know, it also creates a My Cloud folder on your device. So adding an item there will sync to the WD Sync folder. So far, so go.

Now I decided to share this item via email within WD Sync app and when it was delivered, the From Email address was for a different user on my NAS. In fact, its the first alphabetical user. This is not good.

WD - please fix.

It’s the first time I’ve seen someone pointing out this behavior.

Which firmware revision do you use? What’s the revision/build version of WD Sync you are using? Does it happen from another system?

NAS is v04.04.05-101 and here’s the WD Sync client info from my Mac

FYI - if I login to mycloud.com and share a file the From address is correct.