WD Sync - Missing Folder after SSD upgrade/clone

Successfully cloned my C: drive to a new M.2 SSD, and disconnected the original drive. All working fine except WD Sync says:

‘The hard drive containing the synced folder ‘Users<Username>\MyCloud’ is missing. To resume syncing, please connect this hard drive to your computer.’

The folder exists in the file system and can be opened in explorer. I suspect that the WD Sync .config file(s) hard code a physical disk identifier in the pairing parameters. As this folder is the Default pair for MyCloud, it cannot be deleted in the WD Sync manager.

Is there a simple way to get this working, without resorting to manually editing .config files (assuming | can find them and work out what the new parameters should be? Is it easier just to uninstall / re-install WD Sync?

Any help gratefully appreciated