WD sync is a crappy piece of software

I still can’t underestand how a prestigious company such as WD releases a piece of software tat works so bab.
If trie WDsync in 3 computers and on 2 of them never worked. I hav acctualy 5600 files ‘pending’ an WD is unable to sync them.
So I only us MYclous as a normal backup hardware…

Very disapointed.

What did you try with regards to the apps’s configuration? How are those systems configured and which operating systems do they use? Did you contact WD Support about the app’s behavior?

I have tried with two desktop PC with Win 8, win 8.1 and Win10… CPU AMD
and Intel…
Deleting MY files several times and trying agaim…

It simply is a very bad app…


Roger that WD Sync is horrible and even WD will not support it, because they cannot… Does anyone know of a better product that will work from inside and outside the network offering a constant sync ?

Just so you know, WD Sync’s only “folder” limitation is the number of directories you can create on Windows until you get the “Path Name To Long.” Then it won’t allow you to create another directory.

I’m confused about what WD Sync is for. I am a SugarSync user, let me explain how I use that first:
Computer A has a set of “synced” folders
Computer B has the same set of “synced” folders, but they are currently empty, or old, or new
SugarySync makes sure they are THE SAME, at all times. If I make a change on A, it gets backed up to SugarSync and also downloaded to B, and vice versa.
This is how file syncing must work to be useful, and any other way doesn’t make sense.

When I set up WDSync to do this (i.e. I backup all my stuff from A, then set the same empty, old, new folder on B to sync to that one) it doesn’t work. In fact all i get is a WD temp/cache folder of about 500Gb then my C disk runs out… I have no real idea if any files have been destroyed, but certainly a test file (e.g. text.txt) in one of the folders, does not appear on either the backup, or the other machine.

I had to write my own iPhone backup the other day because there simply isn’t one which deals with duplicates in different subfolders in the target location. It looks like the only way forward here is for me to write some software (or even just a powershell/python script) which can sync my folders.

Let me be clear - I want to ditch SugarSync, it costs $500 PER YEAR!

It can work this way. Here’s what I would do.

Create a folder on your My Cloud where you want to store the synced material on computer A. Set up WD Sync to sync A’s files to that folder.

On another computer, Create another folder that you want to sync from the Cloud in the place where A’s files are. Then sync those two. It should do what you want it to now.

Otherwise, by default, it’ll sync the My Documents folder to the WD Sync folder on the My Cloud.

Installed WD Sync yesterday. It took me 24 hours to sync 5gb (!) of 15gb. It keeps freezing when i click on the icon. Now I deleted all files and exported the files manual to the nas myself. This only took 10 mins. Im a mac user and compared to icloud drive this is very slow/bugged.


I’m trying to install the WD Sync on Windows 10. The application seems to be installed, but I’ve never succeeded to open it.
Any suggestions?