WD Sync has moved all my documents. Is this normal?

I’ve installed WD Sync on Mac. Just used all the default options.
Two questions:

  1. after letting it run overnight, all my files/folders now live under “My Cloud” where they used to be under “Documents”. The files are all there, but wondering if that’s what is supposed to happen?

  2. do you let WD Sync run endlessly? I have let it run for 24 hours and each time I review it, it’s still running away. Does it ever complete? Or is the point of sync to always check for changes?

Hi there,

Regarding your first question, yes this is how the software will work if you setup the documents folder is selected to sync, it will keep doing it as long as you are changing files on that folder. Regarding your second question, do you see any files pending ? if there are no files pending i doubt i would be running all the time. Hope this helps

If you use a dedicated backup/sunc program, such as FreeFileSync, it will sync files in situ; i.e. it won’t muck about moving your files into ‘special’ folders. You just tell it what folders you want to sync, and where to sync them, and it will do it. Which is what any decent backup programming should do.