WD Sync for Mac

I wonder if anyone has been able to find out from WD if/when a WD Sync software update for HIgh Sierra will be available?
I sent an enquiry to WD Support but all I have got back so far is a request for System Logs from the WD My Cloud hardware.
It is a bit worrying if they need hardware system logs to answer a question about software updates.
Update 20/11/2017: Encouraging news - a reply from WD: “Our Engineering Team is actively working on this domain regarding the concern of the update from Apple to High Sierra 10.13 and the compatibility of our softwares with it.”
Update 11/12/2017: I asked support if they were able to give any indication about when the update may be available. Their reply: “Western Digital does not provide any information related to Software or Firmware Update that have not been announced”.
I have now given up on WD and now use GoodSync Pro instead. Much better software - I can now forget about using and recommending WD hardware and software.

If one uses the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, they’d find that there is NO answer from WD on when, or even if, WD Sync will be fixed to work with High Sierra in the past discussions on this issue.

The workaround if one isn’t syncing to a remote My Cloud is to use a third party sync program to sync to a local My Cloud device. Free File Sync (https://www.freefilesync.org/) is one such free sync program others here use for syncing to a local My Cloud.

It has now been two months since the release of High Sierra and at least 10 since beta testing started and WD refuses to even acknowledge the issue. Total lack of product support …

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