WD Sync - exclude specific folders

I’ve not been able to find a clear answer to this question. Often, there’s a response with a link for how to set up folder syncing, but that doesn’t actually address the issue at all.

Is there any way to exclude a folder from the WD Sync in a circumstance where it would otherwise sync? I want to exclude one specific folder from My Documents, so it’s no answer to have to add every other folder independently (which is why the solution referred to doesn’t seem to do help).

Why don’t you just remove the one you don’t want to sync? See info below from the User Manual.

Syncing Files and Folders After installing the WD Sync software, to sync a file or folder on your computer, use your computer’s file management utility to copy and paste or drag and drop it into the WD Sync folder. The WD Sync software automatically copies it first to the WD Sync folder on your My Cloud device and then to any other computers connected to it. After that, the WD Sync software automatically updates any changes to the file, at any location, on the other configured devices.

Simply put, I can’t move the folder. It’s linked to a piece of software and I can’t move the location.

Unfortunately, it also has a file in that folder constantly in use, meaning the version history has created huge numbers. I had to delete 25 thousand (!!!) today. So I need an alternative.