WD Sync does not sync invisible Picasa data

Google Picasa stores al photo edit information in invisible files named “.picasa.ini”.
Without these files, all edits are lost, so they are quite essential.
But WD Sync does not sync these.
Furthermore, when edited photos are (optionally) ‘saved’, the originals are preserved in an invisible folder named ‘.picasaoriginals’. These are not synced either.

WD, could these files and folders PLEASE either be synced automatically, or could we get an option to sync such invisible objects?

Status: Idea approved for voting.

Give this a try:

Edit the 2 XML files located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WD App Manager\Plugins\WD Sync\App\Plugins\


In OrionBlacklist.xml, remove the line that says: start value="." /

You can play around with the BaseBlacklist.xml file to ignore certain filetypes and directories currently not listed in it.

Hope this helps get you by until WD Sync has the added features.

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Great, I’ll try!