WD Sync -- does not run in the background (and other problems)?

Hi there,

I just purchased a 4TB My Cloud personal storage and I’ve had a hard time figuring out how the Sync software works.

I’m trying to sync about 66GB of data from my Macbook Pro internal SSD to my cloud. However, the sync is taking way too long–over 24 hours. I investigated the matter a little further tonight. If anyone can comment on the following issues, I would greatly appreciate it:

  1. I leave the app running in the background. I figured that this is how sync software should work, right? You don’t need to keep the app window open as long as the app itself is not closed. Anyway, I can’t actually find a WD Sync app window (if there’s even one), and just check on my sync status by clicking the icon on the top right of my Mac menu bar – the closest I’ve come to a WD Sync app window is by clicking on sync settings. This is how I usually have it in the background (see screen-shot).

  1. Now, when I click on the WD Sync icon on the top right of my Mac menu bar, I notice that the app starts scanning all docs from my Macbook’s source folder again, then resumes syncing. This makes me think that the WD Sync app becomes inactive when I leave it idly in the background (as in first screenshot). It’s not feasible to leave the WD sync screen open while I work on other things on my laptop, so hopefully there’s a way around this!

  1. Also, I notice that the sync app stops syncing when it reaches certain files that are perhaps incompatible (although not sure if it’s incompatible per se as they have not informed me about this under ‘notifications’). I’m pretty sure that if I delete the ‘incompatible’ file from my Mac, the Sync will continue. If this is the case, why can’t the software just skip this ‘incompatible’ file and move on to sync other files?

  2. Is there a progress bar showing % of files left to sync, or time to complete?

  3. I’m frustrated that the WD Sync app doesn’t work as seamlessly as I’d imagine. I spent several hours trying to figure out the whole my cloud system, which isn’t as user friendly and intuitive as I expected. lf there are no ways of working around these issues, is there any 3rd-party sync software that’s compatible with My Cloud? I’m aware about GoodSync, but configuring it with the WD My Cloud NAS device looks complicated and risky for the average computer user who doesn’t have a good working knowledge of syntax/scripts, etc.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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