WD Sync and macOS High Sierra


I couldn’t find anything sensible about releases on the Apple website about High Sierra, just puff about how great it was.

Releasing a beta just after a full release wouldn’t be that unusual, I think; get the ‘good’ version out, and then start the next phase of beta testing (which will have been in parallel development).

Oh, I agree. And I’ve made exactly the same observation to the beta adopters on other threads, who complain it breaks access to their WD.

But then I’m a WD fanboy, remember…


This is common practice for Apple for over a decade or more … The GM is released and then updates are beta tested prior to their release …

Once again, the point is that WD is failing miserably here …

Apple is doing fine …


A NAS is much more than just backups. I want it to backups, DLNA, PLex media server, sync folders, remote access. I don´t know too much about Time Capsule, but I am pretty sure that it can’t run Plex.


Of course. But then any NAS does this, and the “Apple Time Capsule” is exactly that… an HD storage, attached by LAN and WAN networks, with the additional feature of added WifFi. As for Plex, thats a standard Mac feature with or without a NAS since any and all mac devices acts as a network server by default, sharing and updating media (handover files).

So the choice is the Apple product at 4x the price (with added WiFi).
Yes the WDcloud has dis-ease in use, clumsy and slow login…
The Apple Time Capsule is NAS for dummies who can afford it.

Today I suffer a new WD innovation… WD Sync has forcibly copied 4 folders, while at the same time, once again, is denying me permissions to view existing folders… Once again I will need to work around this, perhaps thru the dashboard or something, to get rid of Sync just to keep using it as a straightforward remote drive… I didn’t install Sync, I don’t like how it now prevents me accessing all the files I stored there, while showing me only their selected backups of recent files…


WD did answer anymore to my complain and told me to use other software to sync my file

Can you have find a third parties app to do the same things?




I am not going to get in a debate with you. But you clearly are misundertanding what a NAS is for and what a Time Capsule is for. If you want the WD My cloud just to do Time Machine backups than you don´t need a NAS, you would clearly be underusing the capabilities of your My Cloud on that case.
If a Time Capsule is enough for your needs, it doens’t mean that it would be enough for everyone else. I am pretty sure most people here want a complete NAS solution, with all capabilities of a NAS, not a router with HDs inside.

I didn´t understand what you mean by that, but a lot of people want a NAS to be a media server and use DLNA or Plex to stream movies and TV shows that are stored in the WD My cloud, directly to a smart TV or even to a tablet or a cell phone, without the need to use a computer. Tell me how can you stream videos that are in Time Capsule diretcly to your TV, since it doesn´t support DLNA and Plex.

Time Capsule is not a NAS. It can´t be used as a media server, it doesn´t support DLAN, and it doesn´t support apps. Time Capsule is closer to a router then to a NAS. There is no comparisson.


Thank you for that clarification my friend.

I refer to the OP
For her and others who depend on WD as a backup (and I thought all these devices are just formatted HDD used for storage or play data) the choice is to pay dear for the Mac drive, or go cheap for the WD (or even cheaper if you format a plain new harddrive).

So to sync a mac to a WD drive that is not dedicated to the latest mac OS then of course there will be problems, especially when a Beta that is not so back-compatible is released.

Mac has changed, it is much more compatible with other OS now, but any problem like this arises from the significant differences. To avoid such a problem, pay thru the nose, get the compatible Apple product and don’t complain to WD


Your opinion is appreciated. However, WD markets their NAS devices to sync with Macs. That (to me) is the issue.


FYI, file sync is not backup. File sync and file backup are different functions, serving different purposes. Use file sync in place of backup, and you will live to regret it.


There seems to be a new firmware update available (v.04.05.00-320)

But I still cannot connect to my private folder. It’s simply not showing. Only access possible is through the WDMycloud App, but that’s not enough. In the past, it was possible to connect iTunes with my iTunes Music folder on WDMyCloud automatically when starting iMac - that’s not the case anymore. I should mention that I have updated my machine to High Sierra - that’s when the trouble started.
You all seem to have a deep knowledge of these things and I hope can help me to solve it.
Btw - not a native speaker, so please bear with me…


Just to be clear; are you saying that, after updating to MacOS 10.13.2, WD Sync now works correctly on your machine?


I had file sync on for about 5 minutes, took that long…
Backuo using the onboard Apple Time Machine App is really not behaving. Constant failed attempts.

Briefly, don’t know if its the High Sierra or something else, but WDcloud has been working quietly if slowly in the background for 5 years
-Reliable as time machine backup
-Great for plex media streaming, file storage (very very slow even on Gbit ethernet), it even works to store and stream my music thru iTunes…
-Works with my internet providers router And yes, the time capsule is faster, integrates the functions of router, NAS, media server, WiFi LAN & WAN
-WD cloud does all of this at a quarter the price of an Apple Time Capsule.

… now its cracking up. At first the dashboard would not open, folders were hidden… Thats fixed with the OS upgrade, backup resumed for a week, now its again not backing up.

I swear I have not meddled with any settings.


I ordered a testing device to see if WD could provide a data solution that we need at my company. Our 50% of employees are using Windows and 50% are using Mac with High Sierra. As they don’t support Mac Sierra they just lost $200K worth of first order!!


That’s a hit, but WD will just probably shrug their shoulders


Why are you thinking of buying consumer grade devices for a corporate application?

Go and buy some professional file servers with your $200k.