WD Sync and macOS High Sierra


I spoke directly with them and do not provide any estimation for when the WD Sync will be compatible with the High Sierra. Furthermore they don’t even take any accountability for the issue and the only answer they give is that for now they do not support it and ask you to just check regularly their download page for updates.


Which is why my next NAS (in January) will be a Synology. Cloud Station works.


It’s a shame, they sent me an email to see where the problem is … they ignore the protests that we all expressed in this forum and they still do not update the application, very unprofessional.


Makes you wonder do they really not know?


not obviously, but I do not want to believe that they treat users with such cynicism.


I believe they are that cynical, yes.


Wow My issue is, i already have MAC OD HSiera and having all kinds of issues getting says to work, drop and drag issues, seems to worked with music, but no with movies.
What a mess.

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with RAKING, WD needs to get its act together. Easy to blame Apple.
And why should he use a third party only for it to be an issue some day and then WD will blame them. What a JOKE.

Any thing you need for a cloud, apple has, and you don’t have to worry about it being faulty. Things always seem to work, and if there is an issue, Apple handles it immediately.

TimeCapsule, does great backups for years, and you can hang a USB drive off of that for NAS or additions backups.

Anyways, I am returning my cloud. For what is working, it is still terrible and has nothing close to Apple Cloud. Music on the shared cannot be playlist, only albums. Sorry WD, there are absolutely no benefits I see with MyCloud. Pictures is also a joke, in Apple i can still store them. Apple cloud and transfers are so much simpler then this joke.

RMA in progress.

Thank you for wasting my weekend to trying to get this to work.


RAKING - I totally agree with you.
this MyCloud only had a purpose before clouds were really being use.
MyCloud vs Apple iCloud. no comparission. Apple has it all, after I tried using MyCloud.
With MyCloud, you cannot select singles, only albums unless you load all music as singles only then, there is no play list, u play music in alpa sequence. Nothing like iTunes. You might as well go to your record cabinet and load them on the player your self.

Apple cloud, if i want to use wifi on the road, i just download my music to iDevice, and I’m good. MyCloud, a horror show. Beside I have Wifi in my chevy truck.

Apple photos a snap easy to load and unload in iCloud even at Disney.
MyCloud, hope you didn’t have a power failure or technical issue. It won’t work.

Apple Desk Top Sync with iCloud, never an issue, doin it for years. Time Capsule, and connected USB, handles what i need as NAS, Backups, Restores, etc. When you buy a Caddy, don’t use VW parts.

My Cloud I see no advantage. After attempting to install it, thats another maintenance i don’t need to maintain. Apple Family connect plan works for the entire family, without training and maintenance. I mean also, lets face it, iTunes, Spofiy, Pandura, etc, what else do u need on the road.

And this OS H Sierra, issues, don’t need that everytime there is an IOS or OS change. Maybe that is why apple is so successful. And responses posted ? wow no support.

My entire desktop syncs with Apple iCloud with out any issues, and i don’t have to worry about using home power if i am out of town. My excel, word, pages, numbers, ppt, all work well. Does not work with MyCloud, cannot handle the ext.

After evaluating MyCloud, RMA back to the big A.

Now to get my Mac back in order, it created a mess.


wow, 2018! this is 2017. and I like many have MOS-HS installed.
Having same issues, and its like it throws files all over the place.
RMA time. No more.


So what made you buy a WD device, then…? Why didn’t you just go out and buy an Apple device? I’m sure there must have been a good reason.

Btw, we’re users. Trying to help. Not WD. Not affiliated to WD.


Sounds like WD to me … or at least a WD fanboy …


Fanboy? Referring to me?

Oh how we laughed…


The My Cloud and Apple iCloud (and other similar cloud storage services) are two different products with different sets of features and capabilities.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud is, ultimately and at the heart, a network attached storage device (NAS). It is NOT a full fledged “cloud storage” service. Instead it is a network attached storage device with limited remote access capabilities. More than one person has found the My Cloud doesn’t suit their needs of a “cloud” based storage solution after buying the My Cloud. Most often people try to get Dropbox like capability out of the My Cloud and are disappointed the My Cloud isn’t like Dropbox.

WD should have fixed this Apple High Sierra issue months ago. I assume internal WD testing would have shown that there is a problem and they should have issued an update immediately. But as many of us here have come to realize WD takes their own sweet time fixing certain issues with their products. Sometimes they don’t fix the issue at all.

One can either wait for WD to fix the problem or they can attempt to find a workaround using other software and methods of remote access. Or one can move to a competitor’s product or service where remote syncing on a Mac High Sierra does work.


Yes cloud station on Synology works. Will be moving to a DS218play in a few months. Bye WD


I am tired of searching for workarounds to problems I shouldn’t been having. To me, The UFRAW-batch problem with canon CR2 files is the worst of all. Wd simply does nothing to fix their problems, they are too slow in fixing bugs. They are ignoring all of us.

Because of this I am going for a Synology DS 218+. I have just ordered one yesterday. They are more expensive, but the time I have to spend with wd devices to make them work right is not worth.


Join the Synology family. I too ordered a 218play and expect it to be a better overall NAS. WD is becoming a loosing strategy


and is STILL in BETA (10.13 v1 which is not just an improved OS, this is a whole new file system. Not surprising it has caused a few glitches. That is why they release it as a Beta. Which tells professionals who don’t need these problems to steer clear for a few upgrades.)

I have been struggling with exactly this problem. raking (if you are still reading) and got a useless response from WD support… disgraceful… not worth recounting, but worse than fail to address the issue, they just hid.

and on this forum, thanks bennor et all but the issue does turn out not to be a reset nor dashboard etc, it was in fact the BETA which has now gone to 10.13.2 Problem solved…

On the two side issues raised on this thread, allow me to comment…

  1. Third party have full access to macOS with enhanced programming macros to make it easy for them to sell their products to macOS clients, if they so wish. Apple has always been open source and do put a few dollars into making this fully accessible to any company who wants to manufacture more cheaply and easily for the massive Apple customer base. Apple do this subsidy even where as in this case a company like WD are capable of massively undercutting Apples own products.

  2. I would say to the OP raking and to any mac user like myself. Mac DO make the best myCloud device. They invented cloud storage when they dispensed with floppys, CD drives, fast processors with multiple access ports and bigger onboard HDD

So for Apple users, why would be buy WD myCloud, home or mirror or otherwise?
I bought it because its cheap and …slow. Oops!
I bought it because its cheap and… obtuse. Ooops!
Why did we not buy the Apple Time Capsule @$400 for no problem backups??


10.13.2 appears to be a full release, not a beta.

10.13.3 is a beta, released yesterday.


As a Mac user I will not buy WD anymore and not just for the sync issue. I have a new Synology 218+ on the way and will gladly say “SO LONG WD”


Well, I just yesterday got the 10.13.2 from apple,
<"#### December 06

What’s New in Version 10.13.2

This update:

• Improves compatibility with certain third-party devices

  • Free
  • Updated: 06 December 2017
  • Version: 10.13.2
  • Size: 4.80 GB>

no mention of 10.13.3 yet, two days after the current release just seems improbable, and why a beta, then full, then beta??
Apple always offer the Beta as a website option that you have to seek out, wheras the full version is sent (pushed) as an upgrade option,

but surely cpt the question here is that a beta of any sort will have a few problems, its a radical move forward and is surprisingly glitch free, well worked thru before release, and a lot of folk (WD unfortunately included) just wait and see it is solid before jumping in.