WD SSD Data Recovery

I have WD SSD while I was cleaning my desktop I connected the SATA power cable in the wrong way I think and after I turn on the computer smoke came out of the power side, my life in this SSD I found a local data recovery company online NiwTech https://www.niwtech.com to have a look and after i gave them my SSD they contacted me the next day saying one of the NAND is burned and it’s impossible to recover my data at all. my question is that right or I have to look somewhere else?

Thank You

I don’t mean to sound condescending but…

This is a prime example of why you should backup your drive. YOUR LIFE was on there you should have had a backup.

I can’t imagine how you could have connected the cable wrong…generally they only go on one way so you must have forced it on there and that should have told you something too!

Sorry for your loss, I really am but maybe you’ve learned something from this…