WD SSD Dashboard CAN NOT detect new SSD M.2 WD Green [WDS240G2G0B]

I have installed SSD M.2 WD Green [WDS240G2G0B] on my laptop SAMSUNG NP355V5C, succesfully installed windows 7 x64 on it. But have 2 problems:

  1. WD SSD Dashboard cannot detect my ssd;
  2. Now i have HDD and SSD attached. In BIOS setup i manually selected WD SSD to boot first in bootpriority selection page, saved configuration. BUT, SSD-first-booting (prior to HDD) just work for 2-3 times and then bootpriority in BIOS is changing to HDD-first automaticly. So i need to enter BIOS and change bootpriority (regardless saving configuration each time) almost every time i restart or shutdown computer.

Any suggestions are VERY appreciated! :slight_smile:

Anyboby here!?

my wd green 120gb also not detected in wd dashboard. i also posted a topic. tried every way. im using windows 8.1. dont want to go to windows 10(garbage) even if it works there.