WD SSD Dashboard WININET.dll Error

Hi everyone!
Recently I have installed a new WD 3D NAND SSD into my computer. At the end of installation process of WD SSD Dashboard ( I have got an error from vcredist_x86 like “…wininet.dll is either does not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error…”. The same error i have, when try to run WD Dashboard. What should I do?
I have fresh-installed 32-bit Windows 10 1803 with all latest updates installed.
Thank you all in advance!!


I have solved the problem. I just have manually installed all available Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (Dashboard itself uses Visual Studio 2013 Libraries). After that I have deleted wininet.dll from WD Dashboard Install Directory and that is it - it works.

WD Programmers Team, please update your wininet.dll - it does not work at Windows 10 32 bit 1803!!!