WD SSD Blue 1TB Firmware Update on Windows 10 64bit

Hi. I’m new here but i love WD products and i buy them for a long time. Now i bought my first WD SSD Blue 1TB.

I downloaded the latest Dashboard software and i scan many times the PC until finally find my SSD.
It say that a new version of firmware exist but i don’t know from where to download it and install it.
My model is: MDL: WDS100T1B0A-00H9H0
MFG Date: 10/19/16
Firmware version: X41000WD New version available (Says the Dashboard)

Can someone help me update the firmware ?
Also if the disk has stuff inside must erased OR i lose them if i update the firmware ?
Thanks for your time.

I had the same issue, the dashboard has a feature to make a bootable CD or flash drive - thats the only way I was able to update my drive was to make a bootable flash drive.

I’ve recently cloned a HDD onto one of these SSD’s. The warning the Dashboard is correct about the possibility of data loss, but I used the WD Dashboard to update the firmware in place without losing anything. Didn’t even need a reboot.

The warning is valid about back-up. What if one day a firmware update goes wrong? Should not do.

I am new too. I also need WD Blue SSD Firmware: X41100WD.
Is there anyone could help ?

WD Blue SATA SSD 2.5"
WDC WDS250G1B0A-00H9H0