WD software not recognizing WD Elements

I just install a WD Elements on my Desktop for backup. I install all the software that is used with WD Backup. WD Utilities, WD Security and WD Backup does not recognize the drive Is there a link that I can go to to fix this issue? Or do I have to find other 3rd party software that will do the same for the Elements?

WD Backup is not compatible with the Elements hard drive. It’s compatible with:

My Book, My Book for Mac, My Book Duo, My Book, WD easystore Desktop, My Book Duo, My Passport Wireless, My Passport Ultra Metal, My Passport Ultra (WD Backup), My Passport for Mac, My Passport Wireless Pro, My Passport, My Passport for Mac, WD easystore Portable, My Passport SSD, My Passport Ultra, My Passport Wireless SSD, My Passport Ultra (USB-C), My Passport Ultra for Mac (USB-C), My Passport Go

Go here for more information:

I have all the WD software that you installed, but they are on My Passport and My Book external hard drives. They all work fine.

I also use the WD Acronis True Image free backup software. I don’t know if it will work for you when using a WD external drive. If you have a WD internal drive, it should work. Check it out and let us know.

Good luck.

Thank you for your response. I have removed those two programs since they don’t work for my SSD. I have been using Acronis backup for several years. It worked fine for my SSD. I have an 8TB backup drive that I use for my backups.

Thank You