WD SN850 NVME M.2 Genuine or not

Is this drive the genuine article?

Sold on Ebay without packaging so would it have a valid warranty in the UK?https://ibb.co/Gpv0LC2

Just make sure it has the latest firmware on it. WD tech support has had the fix for the not found in BIOS issue for 15 months before uploading it.

This has cost me over 400 hours in lost time.

I will be going back to Samsung. Their drives might be slower but at least they know what they are doing.

That’s the context for the shiny new WD Black SN850 SSD. By the numbers, this thing absolutely rips, and is definitely a contender for best SSD for gaming. It’s a PCIe 4.0 drive with some serious performance specs, including 7GB/s peak sequential performance and up to 1 million IOPS.

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