WD smp VS Boxxe box

Own both and frankly this isn’t much of a contest.

Boxee box has more features but most are now next to useless.

No firmware updates in six months and what firmware there is is unstable to the point of bricking the box .

The wd has less features but they all work and for the most part just as promised

The box responds quickly  and has a a decent mod group roviding us with custom themes.

The boxee box has even failed to develiver on advertised features like HD audio which last time i checked can get you suied.

Thw wd has made me quiet happy and given me little issue.

The boxee box has been a massive pain and and the boss at boxee keeps giving me the feel he a used car salesmen.

I agree, the SMP is a superior product. :smiley:

Great post. I currently have 3 WDTV SMPs, and thinking of a forth one to keep the house standard. However, i was thinking of a Boxee , but the flash issues seem to handocap the intent of the box. I have had an appletv2 and an original roku, ps3… The wdtv by far wins in my book, but largely because i need mpeg2 ability and an interface everyone can use. I guess i shouldnt mess with success, but i like new gadgets :slight_smile: Is there anything out there that can do what wdtv can and more for $200 or less? I havent found it and $200 is double what i paid for wdtv

I own two WD smp and love them…however…the Roku channel store is pretty [Deleted] awesome and with private channels its beats the WD in that department…the plex channel is just awesome in how it retrieves my movie collection and scraps meta data…all my movies in a ‘netflix’ style format.Unfortunatly, the plex server is too power hungry and ‘on the fly’ transcoding does not work too well for me…

WD better step up their game because its just a matter of time before the Roku steps up and takes the crown from WD IMO…