WD SMP selecitvely displaying media content-my media

I have 1 SMP and 2 WD mybooklive 3 TB NAS attahced (all hardwired).  I have 140 movies all  in MKV format (all BR backups).  When I load the content from the servers I get 106 movies displayed under “videos”> “my media” option.  If I go to the “files” tab and root through the folders on each NAS I see all 140 movies and every one of them plays.  Now under my media, it is pulling some movies from both servers just not all of them.  This is extrememly frustrating.  I was on the phone with WD level 2 tech support-his resolution was that the player just stopped compiling the data and there was no resolution. 

I really prefer to use “my media” for the wife approval and acceptance factor.  Any suggestions are more than welcome because I am ready to drop WD and just buy another media player.


Did you try just rebuilding the media library?

Yes, whenever I rebuild it never pulls all of them.  It just makes no sense.  Tech support checked firmware on all 3 devices but had nothing more to offer.

Is it always missing the same ones, or is it random as to which are missing?

What do you have the CONTENT SOURCE set to?

If the Content Source is set to “Media Library,” how do you have the FILTER set?  


That was it!!! 

5 Total WD employees could not find that!  IT was the filter-still not sure what criteria it was filtering on but TonyPh12345 isn the man!!!

This is extremely appreciated!!!

Heheh… Glad I could help ya out.  

Grab a beer and enjoy a show.  :)