WD Smartware won't allow "Remove Security" on Mac

I am trying to remove security on my WD My Book Studio LX. I just installed a firmware update and the new version of WD Smartware, and when I go to the Security option, enter my password, and select the “Remove Security” radio button, the program makes me enter a new password. There appears to be no way to remove security now.

Hello, have you verified if the same problem happens on another Mac? 

Yes, I tried removing security on two separate computers - a Mac Mini and a new iMac. The same problem in both cases - it takes me to a password reset function, and does not remove the security.

Thanks for the suggestion. Any other ideas? 

I had to re-install WD Smartware, and even then I could not successfully remove security through the Settings tab and Security option. I could, however, do a complete drive erase. This wiped out all the data, but it also succeeded in removing security.

After setting the drive up again, I was able to get Time Machine to work properly after the iMac went to sleep and reawakened. I have still found that WD Smartware wasn’t working properly, but I have been able to set up the drive so that I do not need WD Smartware to manage it.