WD Smartware was not istalled or found (Error launching onboarding ex: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): etc.....)

I have several WD My Passport drives, and have been relying on WD Smartware to manage my backups. I am attempting to upgrade from SmartWare to the newest version (, but the install doesn’t complete. I get the “Error launching…” message box names in the title of this topic:

PS: Windows 10

That is a huge jump, with a few major revisions in between. I’d recommend completely removing and uninstalling the current version from your system, rebooting, running a system clean-up if possible to delete any leftover registry key, and then installing the latest version directly from scratch instead of upgrading.

You can download the WD SmartWare installer from the following link.

I think maybe your web server is down?–
Mark Reed
Trondheim, Norway

Hello Trancer,

I have done this already, actually a couple of times, including manual removal of all references to SmartWare in the register after uninstalling everything and manually deleting any residual files in C: Programs and C: Programs (x86).

Do you have another suggestion?

Thank you,


By the way, I have Ultra, not Ultra Metal, so I have downloaded the Ultra software.