WD Smartware v2.4.4 Install for Win7 64-bit requires earlier OS compatibility mode

Just setup my WD Cloud 4TB device.  Installing all the software was not easy.  The provided link to http://wd.com/setup/wdmycloud does not give access to all the right downloads, or perhaps they just didn’t all work as expected.  Especially the WD Smartware, which downloaded an updater and not the initial installer.  When I tried the updater, it failed.  After finding the v2.4.4, running it also failed.

Only after I ran the installer in WinXPsp2 compatibility mode did the installer work.  After installation, I still had to set WinVista sp2 compatibility mode for WD Smartware to run.

I hope this helps others out there with similar issues, and it would be nice if WD would either update the installer and Smartware to function without compatibility mode, or at least include that information so we understand how to use it.

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This is most unusual. Is Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 installed in the affected computers?

Yes, I tried updating with the MS link for the .Net Framework 4.0, but I already had the newer version (v4.5?).  I should mention that the OS version was Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium Edition.  I have since upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit Professional version.  Not sure if that would have made a difference.  However it does help with using the Windows Backup and Recovery from a network location (the wdmycloud device).  

I opted to using the Win7 backup and recovery, since I am not sure of the details on how Smartware behaves to maintain a backup.  The Win7 backup reduces storage by only backing up new or changed files after the initial backup.